[Notice] Production update on DDAENG & Wildflower (FEB Preorders)

This is Addignishop.

We would like to give an update on the production progress of the pin designs from the Feb Preorder (original preorder dates: 16 Feb - 28 Feb 2022) which includes the following pin designs: Ddaeng and Wildflower. This notice would also be useful to all orders (made on March 2023 onwards) who may have included Ddaeng and Wildflower in your order.

1. Production details Ddaeng and Wildflower

Since the original preorder period officially ended on February 28th, we have been diligently working with the manufacturer to ensure that the final artwork to be used for production for both pins accurately reflects the original design posted on Instagram. This process required back and forth communication and artwork revisions with the manufacturer and took place throughout the first couple of weeks in March.

Subsequently, we entered a waiting period as we awaited updates from the manufacturer. We would like to inform you that there was a one-week break in production between the end of April and early May due to the Labour Day holidays in China. Consequently, production was temporarily halted during that period.

As of today, we are still awaiting further updates from the manufacturer. During my last conversation with them at the end of May, they estimated that production would be completed by the end of June. However, in my recent experience with this manufacturer in the production of Jin Astronaut and Artemis Jimin, we notice that there is a surprisingly long waiting period for the screen printing process for the pins, so we expect that it is also possible for the completion of production to be as late as mid July.

Please rest assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and doing our utmost to communicate with the manufacturer for timely updates. We understand that the original expectation was for production to be finished by early June.

We sincerely apologize for this delay and any disappointment it may have caused. We value your patience and support throughout this process, and we are truly grateful for your understanding. Once we receive a response from the manufacturer and have concrete updates regarding the completion of production, we will promptly inform you. Our goal is to keep you well-informed about the progress and ensure a smooth and efficient production process.

2. Making a new order and combining the order with existing unshipped order

If your order has not been shipped out and you would like to make a new order and combine the shipment of both orders, please read this instructions in full and then fill out this form:

Instructions: https://addigni.com/pages/hold-or-combine-order-request

Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScB95riVSPBP3YaQojmRJn6tbffMnxjVT3VAM44y1D4zSNVmw/viewform

3. Change of address

If your order has not been shipped but you have moved address and would like to change your address, please fill out the same form as above: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScB95riVSPBP3YaQojmRJn6tbffMnxjVT3VAM44y1D4zSNVmw/viewform

4. General updates

If you would like to see general production/shipping updates, please refer to this Google sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aNWtOZmRSNyNewhWUWVjaMcFZIxV7mBb/htmlview

Thank you for your attention and for your kind support!

Have a wonderful Festa month and happy 10th anniversary for BTS!



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