Notice of Delay

This is a general update which may affect your order. We hope the following information would be helpful to you :)

1) Notice of shipping delays:

There is a delay in all orders due to a surging backlog of orders, caused by past issues with Singapore Post dating back from December 2020.


This caused a 6-month long backlog.

Although as of June we have finally found an alternative service that can do the shipment at the same affordable price range as singpost, we are still recovering from the backlog, as the 6 month backlog was definitely quite a mountainous task to fix with limited manpower. We are currently shipping out at 2x capacity as last year (before the issue with Singapore Post arose) so we are working our hardest to recover, but it still requires time and we expect the backlog to finally catch up by Dec 2021. This means that by the end of Dec 2021, all new orders will be shipped out at the expected shipping date (unless any new unexpected problem arises again, we sure hope not 😅 )

Currently all Orders in 2021 are experiencing 2-3 months delay from the usual date of shipment.

Example: a pre-order made in January will normally take 3 months to ship out, the pin will be in production for 1.5-2.5 months, finish production in March, and will start shipping at the end of March. However, because of the delays, the orders will end up getting its turn to ship some time in May-June. 

Take note that the delays were unexpected. In the months from January-June, we were unable to find a good efficient alternative to the problems caused by Singapore post. We were finally able to find an alternative in June 2021 and from there we had to learn the new system while trying to ship out as fast as we can. By now, we understand that there is a consistent delay of 2-3 months caused by the backlog, which is why we were only able to reach this conclusion/estimate only now. We are continuing to ship things out as fast as possible. We hope for your understanding in the mean time!

2) Notice of production delays:

This affects all orders from June-present, as well as some past orders containing the following pins; daechwita king, taekook soop, jinmonjoon soop, ego, still with you

Production delay is caused by China's electricity shortage. All manufacturers working with us were unable to give a specific deadline as to when they can finish production because their factories are not receiving consistent electrical supply, thereby making them unable to continue production.



Typically production takes 1.5-2.5 months. But given this circumstance, we don't know how long the production delay would be. It is difficult for us to give you an accurate estimate when even the manufacturers themselves don't know when they will (or won't) have access to electricity.

3) If you change your address amid the delays:

For change of address, please submit the following Google form to update your latest address

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and hope for your understanding!

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