MMA Angel Jimin Pin
MMA Angel Jimin Pin
MMA Angel Jimin Pin
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MMA Angel Jimin Pin

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MMA Jimin Pin
Hard enamel pin with gold finish. 60mm in height.


*Instock items bought from 28 Nov 2022 onwards are expected to ship out in MID JANUARY 2023


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Est shipping date
: LATE NOV 2022


Note: During a preorder period, the number of available pin slots are unlimited. After the deadline has ended, however, you can continue to buy any leftover slots remaining but the number of pin slots is limited and slots may be sold out. Once all slots has been sold out, there will be no pin available and no future instocks. If you wish to buy a pin that is already sold out, you may have to wait until the next time the pin is restocked, although future restocks are not always guaranteed.